Fun in the Sun & Brotherly Bonds

Enjoying one of his favorite pastimes – riding his scooter with his 9 yr. old brother

Do you remember playing outside? With no concern for time, bells and whistles? When the only prerequisite was the sensation of fun.

I grew up in Texas, so I didn’t have snow to play in; but, I distinctly remember playing with my brother in many days of sunshine, especially in the summer. We played hide and seek, made mud pies (and mud eggs for that matter). Played in water left behind by rainy days. Played with bugs, and friends (who sometimes had way too much in common), ate popsicles, played kickball in the street, Simon Says, Red Light-Green Light and so…many…other…games.

There were no devices, except our oversized TV that made lots of noise when you manually changed the channels. There was no internet. No web to surf nor social media to check. But there was so much fun. Imagine that.

When I watch my 6 and 9 yr. olds soar up and down our little cul de sac, shrilling with excitement; playing in the water that melts from the snow… When I see the exhilaration that fills their hearts when it’s just warm enough to go outside and play – I treasure my motherly moments.

Though they are “digital natives” and salivate at the opportunity to cuddle up with a console, I want them to love playing outside. I want them to experience soaking up sunshine, lost in laughter, with no regard for time. I want them to treasure their brotherly bonds, knowing that once they crossover into the realm of adulting, they will likely trade sooters for scurrying – to keep up with all of their grown-up responsibilities.

Though my days are filled far more than I often prefer, I don’t mind at all stopping to watch them soar. It helps me step back into my childhood. I wish their glee would never end. Quite honestly, I think I’d like a little more glee myelf.


6 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun & Brotherly Bonds

  1. I love this! My boys are grown, but I hate hearing that the kids I teach are spending evenings and weekends and vacations on screens. Get those kids outside!

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  2. I love it. It reminds me of my moments of fun growing up in a small town name, Mont Belvieu, Texas. Where all the children would play together and not fight with one another. Playing the games you listed and many others. Thanks for sharing moments like this. Love you

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    1. Those times are so precious. I just want to wrap them in my heart forever. I hope my boy remember them as well as I do or better. It’s certainly among the things that I treasured about my own childhood. Love you, too, Ms. Pat!


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