03-23, My Dreams for the Four of You…

My very first one – Michael, 15: Aspiring Orthopedic Surgeon
Baby Boy, Christopher, 12: My Artist and Entrepreneur
Imagination Filled! Isaiah, 7: My Tiny Writer
My Littlest Heartbeat, Jonathan 4: My Beloved

Because I love them with every part of me… #myfourheartbeats #endlesslove #myminimes #boysmom #foreverandalifetime #michael #christopher #isaiah #jonathan #loved #justforthefourofyou #dreamcatcher #priceless #carlamichelle

11 thoughts on “03-23, My Dreams for the Four of You…

  1. How beautiful your children are! How beautiful are your dreams for them… the poem reverberates with your fierce love for your children. There’s not a force in the universe like motherlove. I remember when it kicked in, just after my first son was born; the surge of an otherworldly strength. I knew in that moment that I’d fight to my last for my child. Each child of them – one is a Christopher, too! The final lines, descending to a softness, “I breathe for you”… layers of meaning in that (patience, expectancy)… mostly I sense that you’re saying they are your raison d’etre. I believe you bring beauty to everything you touch, Carla Michelle – here, in your words, and in your four living, breathing masterpieces.

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    1. Wow, Fran! I am so blown away by your remarks. It makes me feel like a “real” writer, lol! While I know we often write for ourselves, writing that can be shared with others is enlivening in a completely different way.

      I dream daily of having the opportunities to reach wider audiences. Share stories with more readers. I have so many things I wish to say.

      I’ve imagined books for children and young adults. I wrote my first self-published book last year…but the best part of writing is the lovely liaison with words. It gives us the freedom and flexibility to allow others to peek into our souls.

      …and yet it offers the fluidity for us to step into theirs and tell their stories – or to sink into our own imaginations and tell stories that never existed. (Sigh). I love words. They are so powerful beyond measure.

      For my entire life, they have been among my truest friends. They always help me to say what matters most. I’m so grateful.

      And thank you, Fran, for your feedback. I take every word to heart. You have made me smile from the inside out.

      With Warmest Regards,

      ~Carla Michelle


  2. Great rhythm and pace, such an enjoyable read but loaded with meaning and heart. Loved the opening line for each stanza setting a scene.


  3. This poem is beautiful, embodies the wishes all parents have for their children, the support we’re willing to give to see them achieve their dreams. The rhythm of this poem is exquisite. I hope you take these pictures and this poem and frame them together. If you have the means and the time, lending your voice to these words would be powerful, too; an audio record of their mama’s love. It takes a special mother, I think, to raise four boys to men!

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    1. Wow, cmargocs!

      I think your remarks are exquisite! I am so honored…(smile).

      I love playing with rhythms, especially when they don’t necessarily fit the standard ABAB pattern. I know that we can, and I have; but, I like the complexity of other patterns.; the challenge to mold a new context; the excitement of distinguishing what that new rhythm is.

      I feel that the accompanying pictures are my favorite. I can never look at them without feeling a surge in my heart. I love them so much more than I ever knew I could prior to becoming a mom.

      I think children are such a gift. I love your suggestions of meshing them together in a frame, as well as your idea of recording them! What wonderful thoughts. I’m imagining my great-great grandchildren listening to it long after I’m gone. That would be simply amazing.

      Thank you so much for your suggestions and feedback!

      ~Carla Michelle

      ~Carla Michelle

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    1. I’m so glad! I’m never sure of what to say as a lead in – I just hope that every now and then something magically works, lol!

      The first lines were so important. I thought about them for quite a while. They had to be just right. I’m so glad it compelled you to read more (smile)!

      Thank you for your kind words.

      ~Carla Michelle

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    1. Thank you so much, Amy. The pictures are definitely my favorite part. So glad that we can take snapshots in time. They’re growing faster than my heart wants to allow :o)


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