03-27, A Moment to Breathe

A sample of the elegant, but simplistic fare at a restaurant I had the privilege of trying today

Life lately, has felt like such an extended blur. Sometimes, I feel like I can barely contain my thoughts. It seems my mind is everywhere. Schedules seem unattainable, though I set them anyway. I have a tendency to overcommit, which leads to being overextended, and then I lay in bed at night asking myself, “How do I get it all done.”

But, today was special. After staying up until 4:30 a.m. in the morning working on a presentation today (for which I had to be ready at 6:30 a.m.), I made time for the most special chef I know, a friend of mine who’s the owner of my favorite Houston restaurant. He was in town for business, and we agreed to catch up over breakfast. I was tasked with finding the perfect place and stumbled upon The Feedery.

Its simplistic design, sustainable elements, and garden goodness felt soothing to my soul. For a brief moment in my day, I felt like I was able to stop the sands of time. My friend and I had the most wonderful conversation. We talked about his world travels (through which I live vicariously, having never been out of the country).

I shared my new worldly experiences through my students who are refugees from all over the world (they’ve cooked for me, and I teach them about American foods – we love eating together), and I was able to enjoy the most wonderful fare in tandem with my vegan wishes (smile).

More than anything, I appreciated the time to breathe. It was wonderful to pause, reflect, and share the most ethereal conversation about the amazing power of fare to connect people, break down invisible barriers, convey love in the most purest of forms, and forever stimulate minds and palates everywhere with an inextricable link to imagination.

On many occasions, it’s not the over-the-top things from which we can derive the most pleasure, but those that take us back to our simplest roots. I’m so in love with the farm to table concept. The food we ate today came from the garden immediately adjacent to us. It was a beautiful reminder that we don’t require nearly as much as we think – and there can be great contentment in just having enough. What a breath of fresh air. I was clearly overdue.

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2 thoughts on “03-27, A Moment to Breathe

    1. Dear livinglife81628720,

      I share (and appreciate) your concern! Quite honestly, I thought about it quite seriously after reading your remark and throughout my day.

      I determined I should take your advice with immediacy and reluctantly, but wisely, made plenty of time to rest today. I say reluctantly because I don’t feel that my to-do list shortened as much as I would have liked – but I know that my health is important and sleep is critical.

      I feel much better after an overdue nap – and subsequently, better prepared to tackle today’s tasks. Thanks for the important reminder. I forget sometimes!

      Your admonishment landed in the right place (smile),

      ~Carla Michelle


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