2019-03 Dreamcatcher Daymond Wilkins

From Caring for Souls to Caring for Patients, Daymond Wilkins Is in the Business of Changing Lives with Love

Seldom does a day go by when Daymond Wilkins doesn’t cross paths with a heart in need of healing. He’s certainly in the right places! Championing care for both the fervent and the fragile, he spends hours serving daily as a Cardiovascular Outpatient Nurse where he greets patients with a heartwarming smile and a remedy in hand. What I didn’t realize when we crossed paths briefly two decades ago is that we’d meet again on the same road – fueled by our faith in Christ.

Graduating from Southern University and serving proudly in the United States Navy, Daymond set his dreams on his most powerful endeavor yet – spreading a message of life-changing love. His deepest desire was to explore the Bible with effectiveness and accuracy to share the revelation that had been so meaningful in his own life. Completing his training at Dallas Theological Seminary, he’s since touched the hearts of congregations across the country for over 15 years. He’s convinced that the message therein is compassionate, compelling and complete.

This unabashed young preacher pours his enthusiasm into every assignment! Whether working with youth, tending to “seasoned” citizens, serving his community as a proud fraternity member of Kappa Alpha Psi or simply encouraging a broken spirit, his dreams are materialized one by one through commitment and consistency. Not only is Daymond an exemplary role model for boys and men across generations, he reminds us that truth doesn’t have to be trendy in order for it to be adhered to. Keep reading to find out why from our personal interview below, and help me to celebrate this inspiring March 2019 Dreamcatcher!

What do you feel are your personal and/or professional callings? How did you know?

My personal calling is to the ministry to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my professional calling is that of a registered nurse. I know because God called me to preach in July of 2004 and nursing is something that the Lord laid on my heart to enter in at Southern University. I love helping people and nursing is the avenue by which I am able to do it.

What was the defining moment that compelled you to choose this direction? What cemented your passion?

The defining moment to preach is when God confirmed it in a dream. I love preaching the Word of God and exposing people to the scriptural text.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I play the drums, was a Navy Nurse and I’m now working on my PhD in Preaching.

If you had a catch phrase, what would it be?

For the preacher, go from your knees to the pulpit and from the pulpit back to your knees!

When people see what you’re striving for, what would you want them to keep in mind? What can they do to help support this cause?

That God is blessing me to accomplish what I am accomplishing, and it’s by His grace that He is keeping me. What they could do to support my cause is keep me lifted in prayer, and if the Lord lays it upon their heart, it would be a blessing if they could donate monetarily as I complete my PhD program. I am paying out of the pocket. I should be able to start writing my dissertation by the summer of 2020.