03-07, Welcome Sunrise

A gentle reminder of daily hope; the sun is shining again
Welcome Sunrise
Early mornings mark your arrival.
Drops of liquid gold pool
into your luminescent orb.

I feel you before I see you.
Your gentle rays
brush my face with
soothing warmth.

I hear the reception
of your presence.
Flowers climb.
Branches arc.
Birds sing.
All are anxious
for your love.

You remind me 
that the day is new,
as are His mercies.
That darkness 
is gone
and opportunities

I take a breath
as you beckon
me to begin
Today will
be as beautiful
as I can 
if I remember
how you entered.
Welcome, Sunrise.

#morningsunshine #peekingthroughthewindow #newday #gentlerays #simplesongs #newmercies #beginagain #welcome #literacylove #carlamichelle

6 thoughts on “03-07, Welcome Sunrise

    1. Thank you so much, Clare. Poetry is probably what I write the least, but I enjoy it so terribly.

      I intend to do more of it, and I’m so glad that this challenge has given me more reasons to delve into it again. Thank you so much for your positive feedback.

      With Warmest Regards,

      ~Carla Michelle


    1. Thank you so much, Lainie. I need as much joy and hope as I can find. It’s how I make it through the days that are the hardest and celebrate the days that are the best. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. ~Carla Michelle

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