03-28, It Snowed Last Night

In love with the softened snowflakes that fall into freshly made snow.

Yesterday was so much harder than I expected it to be. I went to bed saddened. Awakened afraid that my feelings would linger; but, to my surprise – today was a better day. Interestingly, it snowed last night.

When I woke up and saw the powdery flakes that had kissed the ground below, I was reminded that my seasons are changing. Seasons that remind me that time is passing. That all things follow a pattern. A cycle. Time passes and old things pass away. All things.

Even CV…

Though my heart aches for the many tragedies that have occurred that seem beyond our span of control, I am thankful for the recoveries. Appreciative of the collective efforts to flatten the curve. Happy to be able to spend more time with my children and husband even while quarantined, and elated that I’ve been able to insulate my little ones from the trauma they don’t yet have the capacity to understand.

And as I watched the beautiful flakes fall with all gentility, I am comforted that I am one day closer to a cure than I was when I went to sleep on yesterday. When I first heard about this enemy, it had just begun. One season later, we know more than we did before. We’re bolstering our efforts, and though not all answers are known, we are more prepared now than before.

I am hopeful.

Our seasons are changing.

It will get better by and by.

It snowed last night.

#holdingontohope #thankfulforabetterday #appreciatingthesnow #andallofthethingsIvebeenblessedtolove #carlamichelle

4 thoughts on “03-28, It Snowed Last Night

  1. There are so many emotions we have to manage.I am happy that you were able to find positive in the surprise snow. For me too the changing season gives hope that this too shall pass. For me the signs of spring bring joy.

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    1. So true! I couldn’t agree more. It looks like winter, but it’s actually are spring here! As a fairly new resident (a year and a half), I was informed that it snows from October to May, lol. I’m just glad that time is passing by. #onedaycloser

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