03-03, Time Soars

A moment in time that felt like yesterday, even though now it feels so far away.
Time Soars

I heard someone say
the other day
that time flies.
But my time soars.

I see your tiny 
sparkling eyes
and I remember
when it was
just the two 
of us.

Me and him.
Then us and 
Then with 
the four of you boys
plus him
there were five 

I feel like
there are so many things
that I should know.
What to do.
Where to go.
And though I know
how things
are supposed to turn out,
I'm still surprised
as I watch you grow.

Time soars.
I want more.
More time with you.
More time with them.
More time to learn.
More time to bend.
To make less mistakes.
To make more things great.
As time soars
I hope to show you all
that I will always love you
even more.

6 thoughts on “03-03, Time Soars

  1. Hi Carla. Time indeed soars. You captured that time in your words and beautiful photo. Do we ever stop second guessing ourselves as parents? It was that sort of day. Thank you for sharing.


    1. I’m right there with you, Alice! I wish I could say I took this photo. It was actually my husband’s selfie, but as this one is my last little one, and my oldest will soon be turning 16, I feel like I want to rewind my clock and try to do so many things all over again.

      I know I can’t. So, I’ll keep pressing forward, but I want to be much more intentional about enjoying the time that we have. Quality time with family really is #priceless.

      Thank you for reading :o)

      ~Carla Michelle

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  2. Yes time passes so fast, you just can’t hold onto those moments, but your poem captures the sentiments exactly. My five are 42, 40, 37 and twins of 34 and all the time in between has just soared away forever


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