03-03, Heart Haikus

When I breathe you, I breathe me – My Haiku Inspirations


Gentle caresses.

Valleys and mountains traveled.

‘Till death do us part.

Four Boys’ Mom

Where did the time go?

I carried you nine months, though.

Look how you have grown.

I Have Something to Say

Spilling from my heart.

Pencil and paper dancing.

Words don’t pass. They last.

16 thoughts on “03-03, Heart Haikus

    1. Thank you, @sanrahl! I enjoyed writing them so much more than I thought I would have. There’s something about the many areas of exploration left to the imagination when you write haikus. I love that I can read the tiny stanzas and still experience a confluence of rich memories and meaningful moments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Glad it “popped” for you (smile)!

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  1. Three beautiful haikus! You should print them and frame them, alongside the family photo (which is gorgeous!). I love the line, “spilling from my heart,” which, in a way, describes your slice today. Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. It is my sincerest pleasure! Initially, I was worried about keeping up given my workload, but as day three has approached, I found myself thinking about what I’m going to write about on days three, four and five! Thanks for the inspiration! #lovingit


    1. Aw, thank you, Sonia! I’m often blown away by haiku professionals! The simplicity and sophistication of their poetry is mesmerizing. It pushed me to try writing my own haikus from different perspectives. And I love it!!

      Thank you for your kind words on #thebrowntribe, lol. They make my heart flutter on many days when I do not feel I can fly. I love them endlessly. Thank you so much for reading. #blessed


    1. Thank you, Amy! I couldn’t agree more – especially as it relates to family. There are several who are no longer physically with me whose essence I hold deeply in my heart. Thanks so much for the reminder! ☺️


  2. Just discovered you and I had to visit a few earlier posts. So happy to see the pic of your family since I had read the earlier slice about your boys’ birthdays.The last one is my favorite.

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