03-02, She Is Me

A6AC79A6-C6BB-49F2-89E6-E6079DB64F92She is me

Leaning in

With confidence thin,

But hope thick

That she will fit

The status quo.

Because she wants

To be pretty, you know?

She is me.

She likes

Pretty things.

Skirts that flare

And float on air

That blossom

Like a rose

With every pose.

She is me.

Red pumps

As her heart thumps

When she enters the room

Filled with gloom,

But still hopes

To make someone smile.


It takes a while.

But she still tries.

She is me.

There’s pain

beneath her eyes.

On many days

In many ways

She doesn’t feel beautiful

At all.

But she is learning

To stand tall

And fight everything


That insists

She will not win

Because she is learning

To love the image

In the mirror

That she sees.

Learning to believe

That she can be pretty

Because she’s witty.

And not because

Her makeup is perfect.

But because she’s worth it.

She’s learning that

Her greatest beauty is inside.

That she should not hide

If she doesn’t meet

Societal expectations.

Her elation

Instead comes from

Her heart and her head.

There are beautiful things in there

That will make you stare.

She is learning

To love herself

For who she is.

She is me.

10 thoughts on “03-02, She Is Me

  1. This slice, this poem, this cry from within is beautiful. You have captured that struggle each of us finds ourselves in the center of. Personal desire vs societal expectations, confidence vs lack thereof, whimsy vs practicality. I love the way the inner voice, the inner struggle, grows stronger as the poem grows longer. It says to me, hang in, there is hope!

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    1. Suzanne, thank you so much for your kind words. This has been my incessant struggle, and on many days when I think I’ve trumped my inner trauma, it rears its ugly head. Nevertheless, those who love me most help me to fight harder against the notion that I can only feel beautiful if I “look” beautiful according to someone else’s standards. It is a hard journey, but I’m getting there little by little, one step at a time. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated! ~Carla Michelle .

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    1. Thank you, Stacey! I hope it counters the toxic narrative with which we contend daily – that beauty is determined by a small number of underinformed and at times, very shallow people. Our beauty is too grand, too great, too multi-faceted to force into a proverbial box. I think beauty is felt before it is seen – and I am learning to feel beautiful just because I’m me. Your words have warmed my heart. With Warmest Regards, ~Carla Michelle


  2. This is such a beautiful piece, Carla. The rhythms of your language have me itching to read this poem out loud! The repetition of “she is me” keeps me grounded throughout the piece. Wow–so glad to discover your blog today!

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    1. Elisabeth, you are making my heart soar and I feel a warming smile ebbing across my face! I keep rereading this one myself, and I’m heavily leaning towards committing it to memory! I’ve received more positive feedback than I anticipated, some through private messages, that have really touched my heart. Yours is making me float even higher in the clouds, lol. Thanks so much for lifting my spirits. ~Carla Michelle

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  3. Carla,
    What a beautiful poem. I love the joyful rhymes placed carefully, and the “She is me.” She is all of us, isn’t she? Thank you for your warm and hopeful words today.


    1. Fran, it was one of my favorites, too, lol! Talk myself into it is right. I have to do it everyday! But I think I’m getting a little better every time. Cheers to no relapses! Thank you so much for reading. ~Carla Michelle


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