03-11, My Love Affair in the Air

Despite traveling trials, I’m still enchanted by burgeoning beauty from the passenger’s window.

10 thoughts on “03-11, My Love Affair in the Air

  1. “I can never look away.
    When the pleasure is so great.
    You bring me bliss.”

    Oh this spoke my soul. I always get a window seat for the views, especially the take-offs and landings views of home.

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    1. I know!!! It is easily my favorite part of the ride. I am smitten at every take off and landing. I just love watching the setting go from larger than life to tiny toy shapes. It is fascinating!

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  2. Carla,
    What a fun verse. I love the rhythm and rhyme, and it was fun to read about your love of flying. It is a magical time of sites and sensations. Hope you can rest a bit. Stay healthy.

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    1. I am indeed! I thought perhaps I should finally do this homework that’s been lingering over my head. Looking forward to flying again. I have plans! Thank you so much for reading. Brightens my day to know you enjoyed it. I think we could all use some extra sunshine right now! Best wishes to you. ~Carla Michelle

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  3. You bring out all the joy that flying can bring! The “canvas just beneath me”. So true and so well put! And the happiness of going to that place, whether home or somewhere far…

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