03-24, A Laughter-Inspired Limerick

I can’t be mad – because I was too tickled at this response, Michael, II who “hates” writing
My Newly Made Writer Stretching His Wings

There once was a sixteen yr old son
who wanted a favor from his mom.
He sent a few texts,
verbose at  best,
but at least he made writing a bit fun.

#heticklesme #parentalsatisfaction #nocturnalrelaxation #really #icantmakethisup #thethingswedoforourkids #ilikethathestrying #creativityaward #hesawriter #anddoesntknowit #illtakethat #literacylove #carlamichelle

4 thoughts on “03-24, A Laughter-Inspired Limerick

    1. Oh wow, I just googled him. I love this!! #classic

      Thanks so much for recommending!!! My son is quite the character – and he loves sarcasm. It’s one of my favorite things to share with him. Looking forward to reading his (Nash’s) work!


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