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2019-01-25 ~ Friend or Faux?

We teach our children to be kind to everyone, but compel them to also be cautious. It’s even more important of late to emphasize “Stranger Danger” and help them distinguish the dark and the devious; but, do these warnings stop after they leave the classroom? Not at all. These same lessons are critical for adults in the classroom of life.

I’ve learned as we mature, we do a great job of recognizing enemies. However, many of us have room for growth when it comes to distinguishing a friend from a “faux.” An adamant foe is easy to identify. It’s the person who’s vehemently opposed to you, lives for your frustration and has no desire to see you succeed. My advice for handling them? Prayer! I ask God to help my enemies to grow to a point that they can show love to others with His guidance and refrain from acts of unkindness.

Nevertheless, I’m more concerned about a person who poses as a friend, but isn’t. These are the people that you allow to see you at your most vulnerable; share with in confidentiality; trust with your heart, and ultimately at an expense you may not want to afford – because you don’t discern their real motives. Words of Wisdom – Be careful with how you choose your relationships!

Relationship Health is a critical part of your ability to grow and thrive. True friends are honest, helpful, loving and loyal. Your friends (and even associates) should reflect the type of person who encourages you to be your best, even on your worst days and shares your core beliefs. You can – and should – still be kind to everyone, even the unlovable, but consider the impact of your relationships on your reality. #choosewisely #stayhealthy #lessismore #friendoverfaux #checkyourcircle #carlamichelle #speakerlife

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2019-01-11 ~ Make Some Moments

So for the millions of people that are still excited about holding true to those renewed commitments, there are many lists, new obligations and constant “to-bes” and “to-dos” to attend to. For the ones who may have made more resolutions than they initially realized – they may be feeling…overwhelmed.

As you endeavor to do your best to get it all done, though, might I offer a word of encouragement? Make some moments. The meaningful kind. The moments that take your breath away. The ones you can’t wait to share with your closest family and friends. Those storytelling moments, where all eyes are on you, hanging on your every word because they just can’t believe it.

I’m not against sticking to plans; establishing standards and following through; but, make sure you’re not so rigid that you forget the once in a lifetime experiences! You can actually fit them in between – if you try.

Explore things you’ve never imagined this year. Laugh like you did when you were many years younger, without a care in the world. Go off the schedule every now and then. That loved one that you love – that you don’t tell show…often enough how much you love them? Yeah. Stop that. Love them as if this was the last day you’ll see them. It could be. How often do we know the exact time in advance? Seldom.

Go to some of those places. Read the bed time story, even if you “don’t have time.” Have long conversations with the youngest and oldest people in your life…Their stories are simply amazing. Spend time creating, celebrating and enjoying the most magical moments in your adventure. We have too few of them. There’s no time like the present to make more – and you can.

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2018-12-28  ~ Happiness Beyond the Holidays

Holidays are filled with hectic to-do lists, families and friends and efforts to impress – but when the dust settles, how are you preparing to start…and finish…the next year better than the last?

Don’t let seasonal sentiments shift your priorities!  Make plans to prioritize the most positive path for your life.  Here are five, feasible tips to point you in the right direction.

  • Step 1 – Picture where you want to be, and draft a plan to get there.
  • Step 2 – Pen achievable goals that you can complete one step a a time.
  • Step 3 – Stick to the plan by holding yourself accountable.  Add a timeline!
  • Step 4 – Adjust as needed, and reward yourself when appropriate.
  • Step 5 – Surround yourself with like-minded people who are supportive of your growth!

And then?  Reflect, Review and Repeat!

Most New Year’s resolutions die before the first quarter.  This often occurs because the goals are beyond grasp or the planning needs more thoughtful detail.  Don’t cheat yourself of the opportunity to soar past last year’s milestones!  Shock yourself with your own success.