03-22, Literacy Love Haikus

The book she got rightfully tired of reading, but continued reading daily at my request.

Hooked on Him

I remember well.

Year, 1971.

Six years before me.


He asked me questions!

He talked directly to me!

My storybook friend.

Literacy Love

One of many books.

She stirred my love for reading.

It changed my whole life.

Thank you, Mom, for reading the book you probably wanted to hide. You inspired my desire to read for the rest of my life. And to think – I found a copy of this book in random donations over 30 years later.

#morethanacoincidence #IstillloveGrover #andthemonsterattheendofthatbook #seventiesbaby #myfirstfavorite #nowallmyboyshaveliteracylove #generational #familyliteracy #priceless #carlamichelle

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