03-28, I Still Have Hope

One of the biggest, tiniest blessings I’ve ever received – Jonathan, a few days old then; 5 yrs. old now

I’m often amazed at the depth of disdain that seeps through the annals of our global society. I cringe at the disregard for fellow humans. I’ve gasped at the lack of kindness; but, I am not without hope. Though many of us have our fair share of shortcomings, and some are not even regretful, I believe that there are still many opportunities for us to right many societal ills.

When I think of the faithfulness of the One I love the most, I am reminded of the gifts with which we’re entrusted. I look at this picture of my tiniest son, who made five years old last week. I think about his innocence, his blank canvas, his openness to understanding and instruction – and I realize that like many others, we can teach him and those like him how to do better than we’ve done.

I am grateful not only for God’s forgiveness in my own life, but in the lives of others who resolve to live in a way that shows we care for others. While I don’t pretend to have an explanation for everything, I am thankful for His grace and undying comfort towards me. I’m thankful for His many blessings, especially for the ones who have been given to me that I might be an example for them and teach them to touch others’ lives with the kindness that comes from Christ.

I contend that all is not lost. People are lost, and so was I. Nevertheless, there is a Hope that transcends every solution offered by man – and in this Hope, I have found everything I need.


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4 thoughts on “03-28, I Still Have Hope

  1. Such a beautiful manifesto of hope, Carla. I could almost feel a blanket of calm rest upon my shoulders when reading it slowly. And, holding the image of your dear son as I read these words, I can assure you, as a mother of four and grandmother, I also live with Hope in my heart and soul. Without it, I’m not sure what direction I’d be headed in. Thank you for gifting me this today.


  2. This is beautiful and so reassuring. When others hold on to hope and shape those around them, as you are doing with your words, the world is a better place. What a sweet photo of your son, a reminder that things can improve if we try.


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