2019-07 DreamCatcher Christopher Johnson

Rev. Christopher Johnson, a beacon in the community, beams with enthusiasm as he brings a timeless message of hope and healing in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

From his million dollar smile to his astounding neighborhood advocacy, Rev. Christopher Johnson has a personality that is only outshined by his passion for helping others. Born and raised in the heart of Houston, his path as a young man led him to see many things in the urban community through a lens of music that was otherwise foreign to others.

His talents took him to a pinnacle of popularity undergirded by his charm, but God had other plans for his trajectory. Each experience, both challenging and rewarding, seemed independent of a long term calling. Nevertheless, his encounters with individuals, organizations and families were building the foundation for what would become a life long commitment to ministry. Chris is a #Dreamcatcher of the best of kinds.

Operating in a realm immersed in God’s love, he seeks to find those who are hurting and in need of healing to help them work towards wholeness. Unconventional considerations are at the top of his priorities because he often finds himself with those who many feel are too unlikely to be receptive and thus overlooked and under esteemed.

Serving as the Community and Social Services Manager at Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Johnson spearheads initiatives that reach the needs of a community across generational, socio-economical, racial and cultural barriers while offering the message of salvation through Christ. His latest project entails an initiative entitled, “My Voice Matters,” which focuses on listening, responding and encouraging the hearts of Millennials in the community.

Chris developed a bond with my family many years ago over our fervor for faith and focusing on change. Working side by side in projects and in prayer, it’s been heartwarming to see the impact he’s spearheading on the next generation. He’s definitely endured his share of uphill battles along the way, but he presses forward confidently with the end in mind. He doesn’t just dream about making a difference, he builds the bridges that connects others to Christ. Please join me in celebrating my July #Dreamcatcher, Rev. Christopher Johnson, and hear words from his heart below.

What do you feel are your personal and/or professional callings? How did you know?

As I’ve continued to grow and mature, I realized that my professional and personal calling are synonymous. My professional calling is to teach, preach and lead God’s people. However, my professional calling is an outgrowth of my personal obedience and commitment to loving and living for God’s Word. For me, I knew I was destined for the ministry when it became the sole purpose in my life. Nothing comes before the ministry of God’s Word and the leading of His people.

What was the defining moment that compelled you to choose this direction? What cemented your passion?

Often times, our pain is the birthing place for our purpose. It wasn’t until I was in a personal place of torment that I begin to listen to God. On many occasions, God can use us even more powerfully than before when we are in the midst of hurt and pain. Pain is weakness leaving your body. So often we run from pain. God uses our pain to develop us. Personally, it was: divorce, bankruptcy and losing everything that brought to my knees.

The defining moment is when I heard my pastor preach a sermon entitled, “Got Love.” In this sermon, he asked, “How do you know if a man loves God?” His reply was, “You know that a man loves God when he loves Him with all his mind, heart and soul.” It was then that I knew, I had to make a drastic change.

3. What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am a lover of poetry.

4. If you had a catchphrase, what would it be?

“If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.”

When people see what you’re striving for, what would you want them to keep in mind? What can they do to help support this cause?

As people observe my journey, I would always caution them to remember that it is God who is at work, not me. I would ask for their prayers.