03-05, She Is My Queen

My favorite picture of my mom (and my muse), taken circa 1968 in Chicago, Illinois.
My Queen

Her kingdom spans not
a countryside,
but in my heart
her love abides.
She will always challenge,
but never chide.
Her wisdom is

that I do well
is tied to when 
she had me delve
into lessons that
she taught me well.
She crafted 
my esteem.

Regal is her 
She compels
the best in me.
While I searched
for my identity,
she taught me how
to dream.  

It would be
an honor indeed
to be a fraction
of who she is.
My mentor, my muse
my kindred spirit.
My mother is simply
my Queen.

#mymentor #mymuse #mymother #myqueen #regal #thesourceofmyliteracylove #unmeritedfavor #carlamichelle 

8 thoughts on “03-05, She Is My Queen

  1. Oh, Carla, what a lovely tribute to your mother, your queen. I read your comment on Two Writing Teachers and had to see who the queen was. I love your poem about her. She must be so proud of you.

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    1. I am so humbled both by your reading and your remarks. The rhythm of this verse reminds me much of her. She is careful, yet candid. Consistent and truthfully, a minimalist.

      Her pleasures are simple and few, but her insight is so profound. Beautiful Bh her daughter has felt like an unmerited favor my entire life.


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    1. Dear Clare,

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt response. I am glad I found your response. My mom is not a part of the social movement era – she is not interested (smile)! But I sent her a text with the link to this poem – and she was simply blown away. The comments are equally moving. I’m so glad that one of the ones she’s read is yours.

      Thank you so much for sharing.

      With Warmest Regards,

      ~Carla Michelle


  2. This poem. These heartwords. Your mother. All beautiful. What’s so amazing to me is how clean and tight your language is, while the space – and yes, queendom! – they create it is so vast and expansive. What kind of magic IS this? I can’t say for sure, only that these words, which beg to be read aloud, will echo with me for a long while. Thank you.

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