03-12, Haikus for Corona Blues

Wishing this was the blue that I was in right now, instead of the blues swimming in my brow…

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15 thoughts on “03-12, Haikus for Corona Blues

    1. So glad you liked it! Until this challenge, I hadn’t written a haiku I believe, since I was in elementary…

      But after recently checking out a book for my six year old that had unusually elegant haikus based on nature (though I can’t remember the title!), I thought about them differently.

      I wanted to revisit them and see if I could craft them in a way that was more sophisticated and thoughtful. Their conciseness and rhythmic lines appeal to me because they require an exercise in restraint and deftness.

      I love that there is so much left for the reader to interpret while still capturing the essence of the writer’s intentions.

      They are among my new favorite sub-genres. I think I’m in love #smiling 🥰

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m trying to take my own advice. Seldom do I watch the news – intentionally; but, today I felt I needed to be informed for my children’s sake…

      Tomorrow, I will find another way. The toxic blend of indistinguishable fact and fiction felt lethal, i.e. death by paralysis. I found myself deeply questioning decisions that two hours prior I was ok with.

      I reluctantly, but necessarily, turned the TV off. I felt like I was poisoning my thoughts. Subsequently, my first priority is my health and wellness, from every angle – or I’m not going to be any good for anyone else.

      Looking forward to better days sooner than later. Thank you so much for your feedback.

      ~Carla Michelle


  1. Trust is also needed. The panic comes from second-guessing, accusing, and not thinking about the greater good. One day at a time … and get outside to move and breathe. Thank you – your poem was what I needed to start my day …

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    1. Thank you, Clare. I couldn’t agree more. I heard the mayor in my former city say on yesterday that they want to remain calm and are prepared for the worst, but they are more concerned about the damage that could be done from the panic than the actual virus itself.

      I believe that. Thank you for the reminder that among our greatest foes – is fear. I’m going to be precautious and practical today and to stay informed without watching the news. Have a wonderful day, Clare.


    2. I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t comment on your post today – so I will just comment here! I thought it was full of so many practical gems. I particularly loved the stylistic quality where you showed us how we may vacillate back and forth between the pros and cons of our choices. Thank you for also offering tips at the end to help us discern what the best practices are. You created a wonderful resource that can be used across subjects and grade levels. Job well done! ~Carla Michelle


  2. You write with artistry and power. It only takes a few words to capture the mood … eloquent and real. All too real … those last lines asking for caution and calm, being proactive and precautionary, are THE needed antidote at present.

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    1. Fran, I am so honored by your remarks. This challenge has offered me consistent opportunity to be thoughtful and purposeful about my craft, even if it seems my topic is borne out of no reason at all.

      Each day, my intent is to be meaningful, whether summoning our solemnity or focusing on our frivolity. It is stretching my capacity, and I feel the growing pains in the best of ways.

      I’ve always believed that words should be woven together to invoke feelings, provoke thought, elicit epiphanies, treasure truth, encourage empathy – to embrace…humanity.

      I am grateful that this challenge has strengthened the solace that I find in writing. Having the wherewithal to pen my thoughts and share them with the world is among the greatest gifts I’ve ever received, especially during such a time as this. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your feedback with me.

      I hold every word close to my heart.

      With Warmest Regards,

      ~Carla Michelle


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