Carla Speaks


Carla began competitively speaking at the age of 16 and has offered riveting presentations for over 25 years.  Captivating a wide range of listeners, her unique style of storytelling is both poignant and poised.   Carla’s intuitiveness is anchored in faith, facts and family, and she demonstrates a powerful approach to problem solving at the core of both corporate offices and colorful classrooms – harnessing the power of pain

While many people perceive pain to be undesirable, Carla contends from heart wrenching personal tragedies and nearly twenty years in public health and public education that pain is a catalyst for progress – fueling creativity, innovation, stamina and the undying resilience of the human spirit.  Her candor leaves clients both informed and inspired, while the crowds consistently clamor for more!  Book Carla today!

Carla Captivates at Salute to Houston Gospel Legends with Grammy Award Winner Yolanda Adams & Nationally Acclaimed Entertainer Marcus D. Wiley