03-29, With This Voice, I Have Said…

Discovering what I intend to do with my voice for the rest of my days…

In my “homemade curriculum,” I recently read the book, “What Do You Do with a Voice Like That: The Story of Extraordinary Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.” It was particularly special because the pre-school that all four of my boys attended, and coincidentally, where I was later able to help coach classroom teachers, was named after her – Barbara Jordan International Preschool. In fact, she attended the church that housed the school, and was eulogized by the pastor, Dr. D. Z. Cofield, in a nationally televised service many years ago, attended by many dignitaries, including President Clinton.

Last month, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the author of this book and obtain several signed copies while attending an annual conference where I was both a presenter and participant: The Texas Association for Literacy Education. Integrating it as part of my social studies lesson for my own children, I read this book with affection. I couldn’t help but be personally moved.

Barbara was indeed a prominent figure in politics, but she was also a passionate teacher. As I considered how much she was remembered for her voice audibly, I was reminded that our voice can often be heard when there is no sound at all. Our voice is many times heard first, in our writing. In fact, when we write with our voice, there are times when those who cannot otherwise hear, can see the powerful messages which we convey.

I’ve since concluded that with this voice, I have said what is most meaningful to me. I’ve communicated my heartfelt convictions. I’ve encouraged those who were bereft of empathy and advocated for those whose voices were unheard. With this voice, I’ve vowed to make a difference in the lives of as many as I can. I’ve committed to teach those who are in need of important life lessons.

With this voice, I have promised myself that I will always do my best to be a light among the darkest of days. With this voice, I have committed to show love where there is none.

We need it.

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20 thoughts on “03-29, With This Voice, I Have Said…

  1. One of my favorite books … love hearing her voice. I actually had to stop reading it the first time to google her and hear her voice. I have enjoyed hearing your voice this month – hoping you stick with Tuesdays throughout the year.

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    1. Claire, it was quite remarkable. The first time I remember hearing her voice is when this book was read was by the author at the teacher conference I attended in February. He did indeed stop during the presentation and play a clip of one of her most famous moments. It was surreal.

      Though I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the happenings of late, I am thoughtfully considering continuing to participate. It has a healing quality of sorts that I can’t quite explain. I think if I didn’t, I might terribly miss it. Thanks for the invite. I believe I’ll see you next Tuesday, too. #smile ~Carla Michelle


    1. Anita, it is my pleasure. It is not the easiest of tasks, but I fear if we don’t, we might be consumed by the inconceivable… Thank you so much for your feedback. ~Carla Michelle


  2. I will certainly read this book. Thank you for sharing your voice this month. And I hope we will each share our voices to ‘make a difference in the lives of as many as I can’, which is also a part of my life mission. Matthew 5:16 – our voice is often our light.

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    1. BeReal81, thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to do so. This is certainly among my favorite Scriptures, and I believe it is among the most honorable calls on our lives.

      I am convinced that collectively, we can penetrate the darkness with such kindness and consideration in a way that allows His love to be inexplicably felt by others. I can’t think of a greater cause. Thank you so much for your feedback. I shine with you… With Warmest Regards, ~Carla Michelle

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  3. I grew up when Barbara Jordan was in Congress, and because I’m a political junkie, I followed her career. She inspired and used her voice as you’ve committed to using your voice. I’m reading the audiobook of “Goliath,” which is about monopolies, and just learned about Barbara Jordan using her voice to advocate for antitrust legislation as both democrats and republicans embraced the Chicago School economic theories that have resulted in monopolies controlling our lives. We need Barbara Jordan-like voices to rise now. And I love that book. I had it in my classroom library and used it in my speech classes.

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    1. I can’t imagine! I’m so excited to hear of these things. I feel they are not by accident. Knowing that literature about her is in your powerful hands to disseminate to eager students warms my heart even more. And speech – among my favorite classes! You are truly an educator after my own heart! Thank you so much for sharing. ~Carla Michelle


  4. How amazing is that, Glenda! I’m so glad to hear that it resonated with you in such a way. I wasn’t sure whether or not it would be deemed a good post, but it felt right as I sat across from the blank screen glaring at me.

    I feel that it captures the essence of this Slice of Life challenge upon which I have embarked. These teachers have created a most wonderful platform that allows our voices to be heard. I am thankful for this opportunity and have found myself savoring the occasion, even amidst the obstacles of churning up ideas that can be more difficult at some times than others.

    I’m even more elated to hear that you have a copy in your room and have used it in your speech classes. Those courses are near and dear to my heart as I took several in high school and college. Thank you so much for your feedback. You have warmed my heart early this morning.

    With Warmest Regards,

    ~Carla Michelle

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  5. You bring up such an important point, we have a voice, how do we choose to use it? By reading books to children, books about people who used their voices for good, and by modeling the writing and the speaking that allows our voice to be heard, we teach this point. Thank you, as always, for inspiring me.

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    1. Suzanne, you, and this entire writing community, are an inspiration to me. This is the best experience I’ve ever encountered that celebrates the spirit of shared writing. I am most delighted to have been a part. It has been an ethereal experience. ~
      Carla Michelle

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  6. Fun to learn about your many connections to the positive example set by Barbara Jordan. Thanks for paying her voice forward in this slice, echoing and amplifying it with your own throughout this whole month of slices. You’re almost at the Challenge’s finish line!

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    1. Thanks, Brian! It has been a wonderful experience, certainly among the greatest as a writer. I am happy to have had the opportunity to have joined this community. I can’t think of better timing. The pleasure has truly been mine. Thank you so much for your feedback.


  7. I have appreciated following your posts over this past month. I will definitely check out this book. Meeting people through their writing is a rare opportunity to glimpse into how we translate thoughts for others. I was also thinking about how close we are to April 1 and the end of this challenge. What’s next? 🙂


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