2019-11 Dreamcatcher Natosha Watson

Natosha Watson radiates with aspirations of speaking to and inspiring young girls.

I’m always blown away when I meet people whose shining personality greets me before I even learn their name. That was my experience when I encountered this Dreamcatcher and fellow mom of four within minutes of our first conversation. Professional and poised, I was fascinated with the “old soul” hidden behind her youthful appearance; but, I was most excited when I learned of her future endeavors. Natosha’s aspirations are drawn from lessons in both her childhood and motherhood. She quickly reflects on principles instilled by her dad, who raised her and her sisters, and couples them with experiences later in life to shape her personal goals.

I readily connected with her when I recognized we’d both faced some of life’s hardest challenges, from growing up in single-parent homes to realizing not every smiling face belongs to a friend. Nevertheless, Ms. Watson hasn’t let life’s obstacles get in the way of having a positive impact on others. In addition to making her mark in the health and beauty industry, Natosha balances her full-time career with being a full-time mom – complete with sideline cheering at soccer practices, contending with commutes to multiple campuses and preparing for plans to continue her education in Communication & Journalism.

Among the greatest parts of dreamcatching is understanding the dream is defined by the dreamer – not circumstances, setbacks nor situations beyond your control. Often, many dreams never come to fruition because a person may feel too discouraged by the unforeseen. Natosha set a bar for herself that is high enough to reach her potential, but flexible enough to hold goals within her grasp – and that makes those dreams attainable. I’m greatly looking forward to how this pleasant powerhouse will become a role model for others as she pursues her passions. Hear from Natosha below to find out how she plans to make a difference in the lives of others.

What do you feel are your personal and/or professions callings? How did you know?

Regarding a personal calling, I feel that I become wiser each day that I age, and it compels me to offer guidance for the youth that come behind me. When I reflect on my own life, I think my path would’ve been better if guidance accompanied every step that I took. When I consider and compare how my father raised me (from when I was 6 years old) with my own experience as a mother of four, I realize he did the very best that he could!

He’s still the glue that holds my sisters and I together. In my youth, we became so accustomed to him explaining how to do things, that I forgot as I grew older how important it was to maintain those open lines of communication. In the absence of that openness, I made many decisions that impacted my path in a way that made future decisions much more challenging.

Professionally, each career I’ve chosen leads me to serve. Journalism set the stage for gaining insight into people’s personal struggles and victories. Motherhood allows me to care for the ones who’ve captured my heart the most. The beauty industry helped me empower others with tools to build confidence through external and internal affirmation. Today, I work in a church where I interface with the community at large in a dual role that allows me to support the administrative team of an International Preschool. The impact in each has been phenomenal and confirmed my belief that I’m here to serve others.

What was the defining moment that compelled you to choose this direction? What cemented your passion?

My thoughts are more active than the New York Stock Exchange! However, that defining moment came when I was silent, receptive and vulnerable in seeking God’s path. It didn’t happen overnight and was preceded by days and nights where I felt lonely, confused and emotional. With patience and perseverance, I felt increasingly confident in understanding what God wanted me to do in this moment. This entails setting specific, attainable goals, pairing it with a plan, sustaining my passion and seeking meaningful guidance on what’s next/how to.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I don’t think people know I want to be a public speaker and author of many books – from children’s books to devotionals. I’d also like to one day be an editor of a home decor magazine! I’ve always dreamed of having an office on the 22nd floor with open windows and a view of the city’s skyline! I really enjoy home decor and would readily seize the opportunity if God allowed me to step in that reality.

If you had a catch phrase, what would it be?

Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.

When people see what you’re striving for, what would you want them to keep in mind? What can they do to help support this cause?

I want people to know I’m always making the best decisions that I can, and I welcome the opportunities to continue learning as I go. My journey has not been easy, but it is meaningful and purposeful! I need those who care about me to be continually uplifting, honest, positive, joyful, prayerful and available! I have such a great support system and family – and I’m incessantly grateful for God’s unbelievable favor!