03-04, Water & Wonder

An Immersion in Fusion that Fueled My Imagination

Is that you? The liquid that seems so difficult to swallow? Your absence leaves me hollow. I know we should be well acquainted, but that daily relationship seems so hard to maintain! What is there to gain?

I’ve dialogued with doctors. Negated the nurses. Fussed with fitness trainers, and still, you remind me daily that they are right.

I said you were too plain. Too hot. Too cold. To dissatisfying to consume daily in such quantities. If only you were more like coffee and my sugary delights. Then we wouldn’t have to fight.

I never thought that you would win though.

I was frightened when the white carriage with boisterous blue lights and raucous red hues picked me up against my will. I did not want to be their emergency. When I feared that the worst was yet to come, and wondered what to do, they told me one of my biggest problems is that I was without – you.

My avoidance left me limp. I cringed when I thought of you, but crumbled when I doubted you. I could not eat. I could not sleep. I barely crawled. My wounds were deep.

Because you sustain me, healing me from the inside out.

I suddenly began to wonder, what was all of my fussing about?

Since I’ve repaired our relationship I feel so much better. In any kind of weather.

You’ve halted my headaches. Enriched my rest. Soothed my sinuses. Helped me be at my best.

And I walked by today and peeked at you and saw that you were elaborately dressed.

Swimming with citrus and strawberries at that.

I heard your new attire is called “fusion.” It’s a nice look.

I’ve come to the conclusion that you and I were meant to be together all along. I just didn’t know any better.

Thank you for waiting for me.

I used to wonder what was the big deal?

Now that I’ve had my fill, I realize

the real prize

is you.