03-17, Let the Learning Begin

Yesterday’s dining room is today’s classroom as I plan to teach my 4 boys, ages 3-15 indefinitely.

I’ve always treasured the joys of teaching each one of my sons whenever I could. While I’ve never officially “homeschooled” any of them, I tried to enrich them during breaks since they were very small and keep them busy and entertained. However, I never imagined teaching them under the circumstances of late.

I first anticipated spring break, but it was supposed to be a week away. After I finished this class in my own program. In time for me to prepare. For just seven days; but, then, it was hurriedly extended. And earlier. And —

Well, things change. I’ve perused the social media posts of my former parents, family and friends, and I see a new wave of frustration setting in – for the parents who don’t know where to begin. My challenge is a bit different. I feel confident that I know what to do, but it’s a bit more overwhelming when you have one toddler (pre-K), 1st grader (elementary), 7th grader (middle school), and 9th grader (high school) – especially when the unanimous cry of old is, “but I’m so bored.” With that in mind, I begin planning ahead – this would be the Brown Camp 7.0.

I am saddened that so many of us are thrown into the throes of dismay and wondering how to cope, particularly with the challenge of not shorting our children academically as we begin immediately home schooling in a variety of ways. Nevertheless, I am welcoming the opportunity. I saw a remark earlier that said, “Parents, please stop complaining about how much you hate to be at home with your children.” They considered the potential damage it could cause. I think they are right.

I don’t hate being home with my children. I love them – and love teaching them – and learning with them. When they show me in their own special way that my instruction is lacking, I seek to adjust so that I can be more effective. Even in this chaos, there are still spectacular ways in which we can grow and stretch our children within the context of our own homes. I intend to explore them as much as I can – because I’ve always been their first educator.

So let the learning begin.

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10 thoughts on “03-17, Let the Learning Begin

  1. It’s the last line that parents need to remember–they are always their children’s first educator. I work in a school where many of our children are overscheduled on a regular basis, with parenting reduced to just providing basic needs. I hope that the families find time to reconnect during these weeks of modified quarantine. Good luck with your own homeschooling ventures!

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    1. Absolutely! My mom taught me that best – and I know what you mean about the overscheduling and underparenting. I think it’s an epidemic of its own.

      I try to offer as much compassion and empathy as I can – both to students and teachers. I’m out of the classroom now, but I try to take advantage of opportunities to show kindness when I can. You just never know what people are going through.

      Regarding the homeschooling, it’s tough, but rewarding! I’m hanging in there! Thanks for the cheers.

      ~Carla Michelle

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  2. You are prepared!! I wish I could say the same. I will be sharing my days with my 6th grader who will have his own schedule and assignments. Limiting screen time will be my biggest challenge (never his!) and making sure that he gets enough attention throughout the day as I try to support students and colleagues in various ways. My organizational acumen will be truly tested!

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    1. It takes so much work, lol! I feel out of practice, but I’m sticking to it – and kids are quick to let you know in their own way the strengths and weaknesses of your efforts – including mine.

      Limiting screen time is a huge task. It’s easier to let them do that, but I know it’s not best. I’m pushing through their resistance because it’s certainly what they prefer, but I think in the end, they’ll understand and appreciate it!

      Acumen testing is right! I’m praying every day for an extra dose of strength! Enjoy your journey!

      ~Carla Michelle


  3. I hope you had a fantastic day, you certainly look well prepared in the photo and I’m sure your boys will all settle into a new routine, despite their difference in ages. We all know that kids say they are bored, sometimes just because it is something they’re almost expected to say!

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    1. Indeed it was. I’m so glad to have the opportunity because I want to focus on the bright sad and not the part that sent me into an inquiry-tizzy!

      The best part is seeing which things I’m trying are working. I have such a mixed bunch. Sharp differences, strong, unique personalities, different temperaments. They are an eclectic bunch! But I love them with my whole heart.

      So far, so good. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because we just received a message last night that this “break” is going to be extended at least another three weeks #sigh.

      Staying prepared! Thanks for your kind remarks!

      ~Carla Michelle


  4. Love how you are rising to the challenge. This is so true . . . ‘Even in this chaos, there are still spectacular ways in which we can grow and stretch our children within the context of our own homes.”

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