03-29, Dew Like Diamonds

Silken petals
softened by the brush
of a morning kiss boast
riveting reds and 
opulent oranges.
Mere paint pales 
in comparison to
the palettes they portray.

Dew like diamonds
laden with the luminescence
that allows them to
drink up the sun.
But they're not done.
Pristine petals stretch their wings
for they deserve to be seen.

An amber amulet
centers its beauty
nestled within
with nectar that blends
its treasure
with the pleasure
of being cared for
by nature's best workers.

I am in awe of you.
The things you do
the pulchritude
you exude.
How magnificent
must the One be
who crafted you
to share with me.

#iloveflowers #anddewfromthemorning #brightcolorsmakemewarminsideandout #smile #stopandsmell #andlookandlearn #wonder #awestruck #magnificence #craftsmanship #naturesfinest #literacylove #carlambrown

2 thoughts on “03-29, Dew Like Diamonds

    1. Dear Ameliasb,

      This is so beautifully framed! I love the simplicity and serenity of this statement. I will treasure this for a long time! Thank you so much.

      ~Carla Michelle


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