03-24, Every Laugh, Every Life

Treasuring the many moments they’re spending together: Isaiah, Michael, Christopher, Jonathan

While I can’t speak for everyone, if I was honest, I’d have to say my boys often fuss and fight. They complain about who’s had more time on a device. They contend that unfairness abounds from one sibling to another (which usually means, they don’t want the Littles to get more privileges than they do – and they don’t). They get upset over promises broken to one another, and they all feel that they deserve just a little bit more of everything than they already get (although, I’d have to say that’s debatable)!

Nevertheless, this is our second week being altogether while their father is away at work. After the usual sibling rivalry settled down, I observed the most wonderful of things. I noticed – the laughter. The living. The longer conversations as they slowed down to listen and learn from one another. I watched my first grader help my Pre-Ker cut and glue. I witnessed my two teenagers entertain themselves with hilarity that left them doubled over.

I peered around a corner as all four played together without fussing, without fighting, with – consideration – for each brother, as if I was monitoring so they would get along; but, I wasn’t. I am acutely aware that in light of the pandemic, we have all been subconsciously mandated to slow…down – and for children who are immersed, if not consumed, by technology and social media, this can deter the “(digitally) chattiest” among them to pause their popularity for moments of clarity in their own homes.

I am delighted that my little people (though half of them are bigger than me) have started to reconnect in the most loving of ways. I am unhappy about the ill effects of a certain virus (I’m still refusing to type its name – not there yet – yes, I’m pouting). However, I am not unhappy at all about the unintended positive effects: rest, reflection, bonding, caring, playing, reading, crafting, writing, drawing, learning (about one another), connecting, cooking, eating together as families, dreaming, remembering, rekindling, reminding, revering, praying, hoping – loving.

It grieves me when I see my boys be unkind to one another, whether from anger or envy or self-defense. I remind them often that when their father and I are gone, the closest relationships they will have are with one another. I want them to treasure that. As I’ve listened in on the conversations of which I wasn’t involved, my heart has been lifted with their laugher and the knowledge that their lives will never be apart. Of all the silver linings on these clouds of late, this is inevitably among my greatest gifts of all.

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12 thoughts on “03-24, Every Laugh, Every Life

  1. You are wise to notice and celebrate the unintended effects of this “slow down.” They will remember and grow to be loving and supportive adults. My three are in their twenties and even though they are VERY different they are always there for each other. Whenever I see that in them I rejoice!

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    1. Thank you so much! I sure hope so. I fondly remember things from my childhood, and it helped ease the pain of the other things that weren’t so pleasant.

      It is comforting to know that it can carry over into adulthood. Feeling warm and fuzzy. Thank you so much for sharing :o)

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  2. the closest relationships they will have are with one another… I’ve noticed similar gifts from my daughters in the last two weeks. How lucky they are to have each other during this time… in life.

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  3. Looking for what is well and then discovering the “reconnect in the most loving of ways” – this gives strength, hold on to it. You write with deep emotion and honesty. Thank you!

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  4. Your boys are certainly doing you proud and it’s so good to hear how they are reconnecting in many different ways these days. Of course they will have their ups and downs, but so great to hear of all their different connections right now!

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  5. This is a beautiful post. I wonder how often it will be repeated across our country as families rediscover each other. I love the photos you post of your family. You capture them at true moments of personality! Good for all of you capturing the day!

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    1. Thank you so much, Suzanne!!! I hope it will be repeated more times than can be counted (sigh).

      I love the photos, too. Ironically, I don’t have many printed pictures, but I take them often on my digital camera phone. I’m so glad that they can be forever stored somewhere (smile). Thank you so much for your feedback. I greatly appreciate it. ~Carla Michelle

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