03-25, He Holds My Heart

Delighted with his designs and the creation of his tiny village

I never hug him without a pause.

I never kiss him without a cause.

My heart is in

his hands.

The simplest things

he sings

just bring me


A simple toy.

Wrapped in his


gives me inspiration.

To hope. To heal.

To dream.

He reminds me that

no matter what happens

in the world around me

I can still…believe.

He believes he can.

My heart is in his hand.

I will keep dreaming for you.

Because loving you

is what I do.

#simplysophisticatedlove #lovebelievesallgoodthings #hesoneofthebestpartsofme #myisaiah #fourboysmom

4 thoughts on “03-25, He Holds My Heart

    1. He really does. I’m so grateful for the joy my children bring at this time. Otherwise, I think I might be much more prone to a sense of despair. #thankful

      Thank you so much for your response! ~Carla Michelle


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