03-16, Sugary Sentiments

Because dessert is among my favorite delicacies.

I see you staring at me when I look away. Inviting me to delve into your decadence like Sirens. I really want to indulge today. Sometimes, people lead me to believe you are not good for me, but I am not convinced! I’ve learned since – that if I take you in tiny proportions, I can make life easier for me and them. So now I’m smiling, because I’m dining in your sugary bliss.

You soften my anxiety when something inside of me has a moment to appreciate your plate. You offer such variety. You have your own society of grandeur. The simple. The sophisticated. I am elated by every one of you. The sum of you keep me forever pleased. I am at ease when I think of you. So glad you came my way today.

My sugary sentiments, I love you!

#yesItalktomyfoodoften #theymakemyheartandbrainhappy #treatyourself #elationandmoderation #thesesweettreatsarereal #iatethemalready #sugarbliss #lovedit #carlamichelle #masqueradeofsweetsmadethese

17 thoughts on “03-16, Sugary Sentiments

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! I thought it was a little risky to mention as I’m not sure everyone is familiar with them – but, I was such a mythology fan as a kid, and I always found that story so intriguing! Reminded me of those desserts beckoning me to come, lol. Thank you so much for reading, Brian! #Honored


    1. I love this description! You have captured what I hoped would happen. #missioncompleted Thank you so much for your feedback! You have made my whole day :o) #Ineededthat #themediahasbeenmakingmecrazy! #Ilikesweetendingsbetter


  1. Love the address to the inanimate. Great inspiration for writing. I will definitely try it in an upcoming post. I’m more tempted by salty and pickled things. But your picture speaks of the allure of the sweet. Thanks for sharing.


    1. “A football field’s distance,” lol. That might be the funniest thing I heard all day!

      I couldn’t have worded this better – “love song to sugar.” Indeed it is – and for me, it’s the perfect end to any occasion. #lovemesoemthem! #sugarytreatssuitme #joininthefun #comeoutofthatfbfieldlol


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