An inspired depiction of the meaning of community that I had the pleasure of seeing firsthand at CrossPurpose.

I’ve always loved art, but this piece resonated with me in a very different way – especially in light of things that are occurring globally.

When I saw this display, I was informed that every dish represented came from students and staff from all over the city – and all over the world – who shared a sentimental item from their home.

They were affixed to this wall, in systematic form, showcasing the inherent beauty.

It just made me think about the distinctions of our uniqueness and differences, yet how profound it is that when we work together with intentionality, we can make the most beautiful collage of all.

I look forward to the day when love will prevail, and disunity will be a thing of the past.


A Sumptuous Set of SIx Words

Who said being vegan was boring (smile)? Not me! #vegangirl

Today was such a long day. I am just getting to bed. I didn’t have dinner, so I decided to do a late night breakfast.

Here’s my six word memoir:

Vegan French Toast. Cream Cheese. Strawberries.

Good night!