A Weekend to Remember in a Six-Word Memoir

My oldest son, soon to be seventeen, traveling with me on my last speaking engagement to Dallas, Texas.

Though I’ve had the opportunity to speak many times in the last twenty years, on most of my trips, I travel alone. My kids know what I do, but only from afar; random conversations; many suppositions; but, this past Friday, my oldest was out of school. So, I took him with me.

Though he (5’11”) towers over me (5’2″), even in heels, he will always be my baby boy.

It was fun to travel with him when it was just the two of us! We speak a loving language of sarcasm. He’s a book geek like myself (though he tries to hide it). And fun was on tap. There’s always a different dynamic when all six (of us) are together – that is, his three brothers and my husband, which made it special in a different way. This time, he got to see what I do.

I’ve yet to get over how my once tiny person makes me look like I’m shrinking. I’m forever amused by our shoe sizes side-by-side.

He helped set up my vendor table and arranged my books quite nicely. He watched me talk to customers and saw me make sales; but, my favorite part, is that he got to see me do things that I love the most: speaking; writing; sharing – and it made much more sense to him, our previous conversations, that is. And the best part? He was proud!

His idea about how I should arrange my books. I was so tickled and appreciative!

So, here’s my six-word memoir that continues to resonate in my heart:

Firstborn gets to see mommy speak.

The end result? #priceless

It’s a weekend I’ll never forget… #sigh