Today I…

The one-minute video that took hours to prepare

Woke up at 4:30 a.m. to start my day.

Read my Bible.

Spent time in prayer.

Helped my quad squad get ready for the barber shop.

Spent almost a couple of hours making my motivational video, “Got a Minute” for the day.,,which meant:

  • Writing my text
  • Memorizing the words
  • Styling my hair
  • Completing my makeup
  • Choosing an outfit
  • Selecting earrings to match
  • Prepping my camera
  • Fixing the lighting
  • Recording on TikTok (personal page and my story)
  • Downloading to my phone
  • Uploading on FB (personal page and my story)
  • Uploading on FB (business page and my story)
  • Uploading on Instagram (account and my story) and
  • Uploading on Linked In

It took so many retakes for so many different reasons; but in the end, it was so very worth it.

Researched glitches with our HR system.

Troubleshot our hiring issues.

Sent updates to clients.

Finalized arrangements for my 10 year old’s weekend birthday party.

Watched my favorite Asian drama so I could talk to my mom about it, who lives in Texas (while I’m a thousand plus miles away in Colorado).

Consoled my heartbroken friend.

Had a heart-to-heart with my big brother.

Got sound and reassuring advice from my mom about a major life issue.

Reviewed correspondence that gave me pause.

Planned additional support for one of my Littles in his hardest subject.

Gave an impromptu session on kids and literacy 101 to a concerned and receptive parent (which was so heartwarming).

Encouraged a member of our leadership team who left our conversation inspired and on fire.

Had dinner with my love of 22 years with vegan dishes that left my palate pleased.

Considered and conversed about our future and family and fervor.

Came home to snuggle in my bed with the realization that I needed to get my Slice of Life done before the deadline.

Recalled the last post I read that started, “Today I…” and jumped into typing mode with the enthusiasm to try something I’ve never done before.


I like this. Filling fulfilled.

Good Night

~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown