Cherished Memories

A beautiful piece I saw on social media that evoked effervescent memories of my maternal grandmother

It’s amazing how a single photograph can transport you to many moments in time. When I saw this today, I immediately thought of the grandmother who helped raised me. She was Grandma to me, and to many others, Ms. Harris, Mother Harris, Mama Harris; but, this picture reminded me that because of her, I learned the word, “crochet.”

My grandmother, using this same pattern and tools like the one pictured above, spent many thousands of hours creating blankets, clothing, pot holders and even shoes (“booties,” she called them”) out of bounties of yarn. In fact, when I was in elementary school, she’d make a pair for every teacher I had – and they loved them. She made them in all sizes, complete with her own measurement system, and there was always an annual pair for me and my siblings under the Christmas tree.

It looked so calming, soothing even. I remember the bag that hugged her yarn; the softness and the warmth; the colorful combinations she strategically chose – and how special it felt to wear something that she created first in her mind and then made with her hands.

Her crochet needles were iridescent, some thin and narrow while others looked fat and plump. I loved the way her fingers weaved like magic and I was forever fascinated by the quintessential quilt that she made with unique pieces that I loved to snuggle under.

So often, we lose many of our precious memories because there’s no picture, no conversation and a recollection that is tucked so far away it could be lost. Today’s random photograph across my social media reminded me how important it is for me to cement my treasures in writing. Such a powerful catalyst to invoking a cherished memory. This time, I won’t forget.

Rest in Heaven Lucille Walker Harris