Delving into Decadence on My Own Terms

A recent vegan delectable that brought me unfettered glee, dark-chocolate covered strawberries

"The Way I See It..."

I unsealed the lid with insatiable enthusiasm, and I was greeted with an aesthetic aroma.  Ripened berries nestled in elegant liners, beckoned for my attention, clothed in the unctuousness of coffee-colored chocolate.  

My senses sang in tandem.  The crimson credence heightened my excitement, as I knew it would offer a rich and tangy reward - perfectly complemented by bittersweetness.  Gently breaking the cultivated cocoa, I sank my teeth into the tender flesh.  It was moistened by nature's ethereal goodness and summoned memories of romantic rendezvous.  

In the moment, citrusy notes soothe my cravings while the darkened delicacy delights my soul.  I shall savor this moment and those thereafter -




Pleasure abounds!  We are both blushing.  

Bon Appetit!