Simply Serene

A reminder of the many reasons why we share our sentiments with ink and pen.
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How enchanting are the lines
that line each of these pages.
In them are sages
filled with wisdom, fire,
candor, ire,
affection, reflection
and so much more.

How liberating are the pens 
that ink these narratives.
Interrogatives and declaratives
that insist, inquire,
challenge and require
contemplation of what
we hold to be true.

How powerful are the thoughts
that precede these conclusions.
Dismantling illusions,
unsettling delusions
that should not be 
accepted nor etched
into the minds of societies.

How rewarding are the efforts
grounded in serenity
embracing the affinity
for capturing the heart
with the essence of art.
Words that sing our most 
beautiful songs.


Undaunted by Colorado’s wintry weather, I had to stop to patronize these tiny entrepreneurs!

Ever thought about doing something that you were sure was great, but you just couldn’t seem to push yourself to do it? Too many obstacles. Too many challenges. Too many reasons to talk yourself out of something that could have been monumental.

Admittedly, I’ve certainly been guilty. I’m often filled with a million ideas, but 999,000 may fly by the wayside for countless reasons; but, on this day, I was unusually inspired. As I drove through the neighborhood, bringing my boys home from school, I noticed a trio on the corner. I remembered seeing them before, but I hadn’t stopped. Earlier, they were selling lemonade – in the cold.

I thought, “That’s sweet, but I don’t think I’d want lemonade in the winter (and I regularly patronize my fair share of lemonade stands). That’s kind of a summer thing, and so I waved, but kept going.” On this day however, I noticed it was a lot colder. In fact, it was even windy. This time when I looked, I was pretty sure they held their sign up just as I was passing through – as if they were advertising.

“Are they selling something in the cold? Did that say hot chocolate?”

I turned around, both out of curiosity and disbelief. My 15 yr old, entrepreneurial-spirited son got out to investigate. I sent him with a donation that exceeded their asking price. Then I got out to cheer them on and take their picture.

What did we notice?

Number 1, they’d modified their product offering – recognizing that hot cocoa would sell better in this season than lemonade.

Number 2, they sought to create an atmosphere conducive to their sales. They were playing music to enhance the experience (smile).

Number 3, they ensured the product’s integrity, using a thermos that kept it piping hot in spite of the cold, complete with free toppings of course.

Number 4, they remembered service with a smile and were ready to pose for the picture!

They looked like they were all of 9 or 10, and I couldn’t help but consider the preparation, commitment and resilience they demonstrated – even in this beyond-brisk weather.

Nevertheless, I am most inspired. I think I’ll have to reduce that list of ideas that goes by the wayside. If these elementary students can brave the cold to bring their dreams into reality, I imagine I can remove a few obstacles of my own.

Let the fervor begin!