When No One Else Is Looking…

I have a confession to make. With the exception of the days on which I am utterly exhausted, I absolutely love going to the grocery store. As I consider myself to be quite the foodie, it is a haven of sorts. I’m enamored with their shapes and sizes. I’m intrigued and enlightened by the arrangement of items and displays. I’m enchanted by the color coordination, my favorite sections being fresh fruits and vegetables – and the scents and sounds lend themselves to a love affair with life. I do believe you are what you eat, after all. Plus, I’m a #vegangirl.

Normally, I journey alone. I find my adventures with my Littles to be uh, spirited. Albeit there are countless teachable moments, they add too many unauthorized items to my basket! Additionally, we typically have very different objectives (smile). Nevertheless, on last week’s trek, I had another guest who doesn’t usually accompany me. My husband. His presence leads to an interesting type of rendezvous, though welcome.

What made this trip memorable, however, was not the items in the basket. Nor was it the holiday music that floated in the air with cheer and joy. It wasn’t the acute awareness that the Christmas holiday was in full swing given the festive displays and vibrant items gracing nearly every shelf. What melted my heart happened outside the store – when we were just about to leave. It was a moment that I didn’t even think I’d be able to capture because I did it secretly.

We had packed everything away and continued with pleasant conversation, when my husband abruptly put the car back in park. We were preparing to back out, so I was a bit confused. “I’ll be right back,” he noted, opting not to explain. I wondered was something wrong. I couldn’t see him. I leaned back in my seat and peeked out the window only to notice a beautiful little lady with hair like snow with a basket full of groceries. I couldn’t discern the conversation, but I noticed that her trunk was open.

I cracked my window as quietly as possible because – well, I was being nosy. I realized that though she hadn’t asked, he was insisting that she let him put her groceries in the car. I was so glad. As I noted her gait, it appeared that she had physical discomfort. The few items she’d attempted seemed to be most difficult for her. As I didn’t want to be obvious, I did my best to snap a pic discreetly because this was a time that I wanted to remember.

In actuality, it was familiar. Since I’ve known my husband (and we’ve been married 21 years), he has always had a tender spot for the elderly. In stores, homes and restaurants, he’s lifted heavy items, escorted men and women to their cars, provided umbrellas, opened doors and many other forms of assistance. I cannot tell you how much it made me smile to see him arm in arm with a beloved grandmother that he treated like his own who was incessantly glad that he helped her to walk without falling.

It is a reminder to me of the power of kindness; the beauty of esteeming those who may be weary, but wise. I’m even more elated that he didn’t “do it for the ‘gram.” For those who are not up on all of their social media lingo, I was informed that that means doing great deeds to be captured exclusively for attention, i.e. on Instagram. In lieu of recognition, he said, “Carla, it looked like she was having such a hard time. I didn’t just want to walk away when she had so many things by herself. I could help her get it done much faster. It didn’t take that long. Her husband wasn’t able to help her because he was at home.”

“Well, thank you, Michael,” I replied. “I’m glad you did that.”

How different would the world be if we spent a bit more time to help others along the way. I can only imagine. I got a lot more out of my grocery store visit that day. And to be honest, I think so did she.

When no one else is looking, do something great for someone else today. It may matter more than you know.

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8 thoughts on “When No One Else Is Looking…

  1. Why I am not surprised. You married a kind-hearted man. When I met him for the first time he treated me with that same type of caring care. We instantly became friends.
    I thank God for introducing me to the both of you and y’all becoming a part of my spiritual family. Love you both and my boys (sorry young men now)

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    1. Please know that you have been a blessing to us both. I remember when we worked together at Holly Hall (smile). It is an honor to call you a part of our family. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!


    1. Me, too. I hope that it carries her for a while. I love reflecting on warm memories – especially when you hear so many disheartening things on a regular basis! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!


  2. You’ve captured such a beautiful moment here, Carla. You’re absolutely right – it’s not just important to be willing to perform acts of kindness, but to be on the lookout for any opportunity. I’ve tried to emulate the people in my life who seem to have that type of help always on their radar. I don’t always succeed, but your post reminds me to keep on trying.

    Thanks for this post. I needed this today. =))

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    1. Thank you so much for reading, Lainie! Those opportunities abound. We are of the same mindset with regard to emulating those who maximize those moments. I’m still trying, too. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, ma’am! Keep up the god work (smile).


  3. This is such a timely message since the rush towards the holidays might lessen opportunitites for these necessary acts in service of our communitities. That last line is really poignant – “when no one is looking”. Thank you for this lovely story, another gift in a community of writers 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Melanie. We emphasize the limelight than can come with kindness – I just think that’s not necessarily the best approach for every situation. In fact, I believe many people on the receiving end may not want “the world” to know.

      There’s something special about being able to give in the absence of a compliment from someone else. I appreciate the joy on someone’s face knowing that you thought enough of them to slow down and be caring. That – is priceless. Thank you so much for reading, and it is an honor to be a part of this community. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

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