Culinary Care for the Unbelievably Busy

A wonderful Mexican treat in which I indulged while traveling to speak at a Women’s Conference in Downtown Houston

I’m constantly amazed at how easily we nix meals in the name of (what’s perceived as) old-fashioned, hard work. I understand both deadlines and urgency, but taking time to stop and eat breakfast, lunch (or dinner) is not an act of selfishness. Could we agree that in our busyness, we compromise self-care?

Food is necessary! Not only do we think more clearly when we’re not distracted by hunger pangs, we give ourselves the opportunity to recharge and refuel. High pressure situations are often managed even better if we can take a step away.

Eating for me is both practical and pleasurable – and among my favorite parts of traveling as a speaker. It need not be elaborate nor time consuming, but don’t sacrifice a nourishing moment because you have “so much to do.”

It’s better for you, your company and your client. If you’ve believed anything else, may you reconsider the implications. I promise, your body and mind will thank you later (smile).

Bon Appetit!



5 thoughts on “Culinary Care for the Unbelievably Busy

  1. So glad you did…. I think in our country, it’s something we really struggle with. We often have a distorted viewpoint about both. Glad to know you’re in a healthier, happier place. I’m right there with you 💯❤️🌱


  2. This is incredibly important. Add in all sorts of issues with relationships to food and our bodies, like Amyilene said above… and wow – it’s a lot, isn’t it?

    Some days I am proud to bring a packed lunch to school – some leftovers, or a container of veggies and hummus, crackers and vegan cheese… And some days (more often than I care to admit) I know I won’t really have time for lunch (and I’m rushed in the mornings anyway) so I throw a granola bar and apple into my backpack. You’re right though —- self care is important, and I should do better!


    1. Indeed, it is! You’ve already made the right observations to know which direction you should go in next – so I think you are well on your way!

      Your snacks (for those hurried days) sound lovely, and I hope maybe there’s some fruit thrown in there, too (smile). Nevertheless, may the New Year bring you new opportunities to treat yourself even better – you deserve it! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!


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