The Marvel & the Mystery

Trying hard to take it all in when some things just leave you in disbelief…

Ever had a day that caught you by surprise when you really thought you were ready for just about anything? I mean the types of things that left you with your mouth open, both good and bad – because you found them to be simply unbelievable.

That would be an accurate description of my week (if not, my last few months).

In this unbelievable week:

– I was celebrated by a former student turned professional actor on social media because of my impact in his life over a dozen years ago.

– I was crushed to learn two people I loved were diagnosed with two forms of cancer, and I’d spoken with them just days ago.

– I was humbled to learn new students I’m teaching are catalyzed to exceed expectations because of what they are learning in our class.

– I was baffled to see many I love mishandled by people who were rank and raucous, though most would be in shock and awe.

– I was devastated to learn a childhood friend lost a spouse she’s loved nearly 30 yrs – 38 days ago…because she’s still counting.

My mouth was open.

I wasn’t ready.

I decided as a young woman I would stop asking God, “Why?” At least that was the plan; but, I’ve been unsuccessful because when heartbreaking things happen, I find myself searching for the rhyme and the reason. When amazing things happen, I wonder, “What did I do to deserve this?”

It is there that I unearth the source of my intrigue…

I marvel at God’s ability to move in my life unbeknownst to me. Those trials and tragedies and trauma-laden moments are merely stepping stones for Him. They are events that I will get past; places I will landmark; people I will learn far better than they realize – that I may grow stronger in Him.

In the mystery of what I do not understand, He anchors me. He lifts my spirit with His life-giving Word. He comforts me when my heart collapses. He consoles me when my enemies conspire, and often without fulfilling my request to ”just tell me everything I want to know.”

He knows better.


o He doesn’t need my help, but He does ask for my trust.

o If He can part a sea, number hairs, heal disease and rescue millions, He might be able to handle my “little” problems.

o He loves me – even when I’ve not loved myself…

I believe God has a unique purpose for each of our lives. Are you fulfilling yours?

I marvel at His kindness, and I’m enamored with His grace.

I refuse to concede to the notion that ultimate failure is inevitable. I’m too confident in His faithfulness to me.

I am sealed by His love.


6 thoughts on “The Marvel & the Mystery

  1. You have been to the mountain and the desert in one week, and it is evident that faith is your constant throughout these highs and lows. You are fortunate to have seen the fruits of your labor, and your friends are fortunate to have you–and your faith–to stand by them.

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    1. Thank you kindly, cmargocs. It was quite the…adventure. I am so grateful to be anchored by my faith. It has been the single most powerful factor in my life, and I feel that I can navigate it better because of my confidence in him.

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    1. It has been so affirming. I often find myself trying to be my own savior. I am reminded often that I am not suited for the task. I am overwhelmed; on my weakest days, underprepared; at times, entirely too gullible… Nevertheless, I’m reminded that given what I believe in Him – I don’t have to be.

      He has the capacity to cover me, keep me, console me and comfort me. It’s so much easier to rely on Him. He is my creator and my confidant. With Him, I believe I can get through anything.

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Debbie Lynn.

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