Realizing a Dream Deferred…

A small, but wonderful reminder to me that with persistence, we can often do what seems impossible

When I reflect on the most difficult parts of my life, it was laden with hardships and dismay. On many occasions, I felt that what I’d hoped and dreamed was so far beyond my grasp that it was unimaginable.

Nevertheless, my mom and my faith compelled me to believe that in spite of those obstacles, heartaches, setbacks, betrayals, unexpected pitfalls, mistakes and missteps – that I shouldn’t give up.

I’m so glad I didn’t.

I’m so glad I kept pushing for me; for my children; for my family.

My pace has been slow, but steady. It’s been disheartening at times, but I’m determined.

This picture is a wonderful reminder to me that though I’ve had to fight before – and in many ways, still do, I’ve had many successes along the way of which I could be proud.

This one is for the ones who told me what I’d never be able to do.

You were wrong.


7 thoughts on “Realizing a Dream Deferred…

  1. Critics and naysayers may hold valuable critiques, but the ones who believe in us are the voices we need to focus on, especially when things get rough. It’s clear you are supported by those who believe in you and I am so impressed with your writing and your energy! What a great month…thank you for always being so thoughtful with my writing.

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