Can I Rewind That?

Today’s post will perhaps be more images than text, at least in my mind.

I hadn’t been with the #quadsquad to the movies (altogether) in years. Papi’s out of town, and we’re finishing up celebrating spring break in the way that they chose.

I’m a #boymom, so I am forever connected to Legos. Thankfully, it appeals to a wide range of ages.

We had fun! The movie theatre is different in many ways than when I used to frequent it as a kid with my family – definitely pricier!

The thing is, I love seeing them smile. I’m enamored with their enthusiasm. I’m tickled that my teenagers get the grown-up jokes in the little kid movie.

I love the nostalgia of popcorn crunching, icee-slurping, “Mom, let me tell you what I think is gonna happen” moments.

Every time I look around, I feel like someone – or some several someones – are getting bigger and bigger. Closer to the day when they’ll eventually all leave the nest…


I’m not ready.

In fact, I think I just have one request.

Can I get a rewind?

Until then, I guess I’ll just have to play it over and over in my head.


6 thoughts on “Can I Rewind That?

  1. Thanks for sharing this mum and boys outing. The photographs show how lively and happy they are. And for you the memories: “I love the nostalgia of popcorn crunching, icee-slurping, “Mom, let me tell you what I think is gonna happen” moments.”

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    1. Indeed! It was so nice to be with the four of them together after such a long time. I really missed going to the movies. It was such a huge part of my own childhood. It’s nice to forget about the troubles of the world for a few brief moments and focus more on the love of your family. Those bonds seem more important to me every day.


  2. Oh, if only if only. A rewind button for these moments when it all comes together –the nostalgia and the appreciation of the moment– would, indeed, be magical. The pause button that you seemed to have found is pretty darn close, though. Enjoy this time!

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    1. I think you’re right about that, amyilene! I have a new appreciation for this SOL challenge. It’s helping me to cement these memories in a digital space that will be available forever. I’m so grateful. Pause, indeed!


  3. What a wonderful slice, and what a beautiful family you have! Thank you for sharing your outing with us. I have only braved one movie theater during the pandemic, but now there are new movies I want to see that are only in theaters. Maybe this slice will inspire me to brave a moviehouse again!

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    1. Thank you so much, GirlGriot.

      I can honestly say they make me smile from the inside out. I’m just counting the precious moments as I fear they’re slipping away so quickly.

      Somehow, that makes them more special. Good luck on your next adventure to the moviehouse! Looking forward to hearing about it!


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